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What is the 3NF rule?

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In an era of taking concrete actions to consume differently, it’s helpful when you have the tools required to identify truly responsible products and companies. One of the tools available to avoid getting lost in the crowd is the 3NF rule. With that, you won’t go wrong!

To better understand the concept, we applied the 3NF rule at Spa Eastman. This company was founded by Jocelyna Dubuc and has always aimed to do things simply and naturally. The 3NF rule is particularly important and aligned with Spa Eastman’s mission, which is to use natural resources to establish good lifestyles to sustain the overall health of its customers.

Buy a “Near” product

During the pandemic, Spa Eastman put its own boutique online. As part of the “Near” portion of the 3NF rule, the new reservation system helps promote local healthy meals. And the Spa restaurant’s selection of suppliers also adheres to the notion of “Near.” It’s a great way to order some take-out without feeling guilty, while eating great food and encouraging local people!

In the Spa’s boutique, the majority of products are made directly in Eastman or in partnership with local businesses. For example, you can get:

  • A red wine developed in collaboration with the Leon Courville vineyard, and another developed in collaboration with winemaker Grange Hatley.
  • Artisanal soaps made in  Eastman by Savonnerie des diligences.
  • Works by Sandra Léveillé from Atelier de mes pensées.
  • Spa Eastman-branded body care products, cream, shampoo and hair conditioner.

Buy a “Natural” product

The second N means “Natural” and refers to buying food that’s fresh, less processed and, whenever possible, certified organic. Spa Eastman chooses products that respect human health and limit chemical ingredients. As early as 1977, Jocelyna Dubuc wanted access to her own garden for ingredients in order to cook with natural, organic foods. For this reason, several foods at the Spa Eastman’s restaurant come from gardens featuring sustainable agriculture, such as herbs, edible flowers, sprouts, vegetables and berries. The gardeners bring the food to the cooks every day…it couldn’t be cooler than that! Also, the Spa’s herbal teas are made from herbs and aromatic plants from the gardens which are fresh or dried, depending on the time of year. The famous L’Abeille d’or honey is also made directly at Spa Eastman with the summer and fall harvest.

Buy a “Naked” product

In order to reduce unnecessary packaging, which generates polluting waste, Spa Eastman uses a “refill” formula to fill containers with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in each of the Spa’s rooms. So, rather than constantly buying new plastic containers, Spa Eastman prefers to reuse the existing ones to their full potential! In the same vein, the company provides customers with compostable cardboard cups during their visits. Reducing packaging is an important criterion for the Spa when choosing a partner. For example, you can purchase zero waste products at the Spa Eastman boutique!

Buy a “Fair” product

The letter “F” in 3NF means buying from companies that respect the environment and human beings. In this sense, Spa Eastman’s trails have been FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified since 2012. The intent is to keep everything in its natural state as much as possible, and certification helps ensure that forest management protects the people, plants and animal species that live in and around the forest.

As for respecting other human beings, this is exactly Spa Eastman’s mission: to make things that do people extraordinary good more accessible. “Whether it is to get back in shape, lose weight, manage stress, or improve your diet, Spa Eastman adapts its offering according to your goals by handling everything upon your arrival at the Spa.”

Spa Eastman’s vision 👀

“By realizing that I had power over what goes on inside of me and my state of well-being, I began to dream of a place that contributes to this state of mind to help other benefit from this discovery.”

– Jocelyna Dubuc, Founder of Spa Eastman

This feeling was ignited in 1970, after experiencing a 15-day treatment in which Dubuc discovered meditation and the book The Adventure of Consciousness. From that moment, without even knowing it, Spa Eastman’s mission was born. And since the Spa’s beginnings, Dubuc has wanted to pass along her learning to her customers through her service offering. The 3NF rule is a concept that helps her ensure that her mission and actions are always aligned.

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