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What is a circular economy?

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So what is a circular economy?

A circular economy is a practice of maximizing the life of consumer goods and ensuring that nothing gets wasted. By doing so, the circular economy can significantly reduce the various impacts of economic activities on the environment. To achieve this, all stages of the lifecycle of a good or service are maximized. What this means is that production and consumption methods are rethought in a circular logic: consuming fewer resources to protect the ecosystems that generate them. Now can you answer the question, what is the circular economy?

The new trend: Circular e-commerce

E-commerce gives a business the opportunity to offer its products and/or services online. Thus, it could be said that e-commerce fosters a greater consumption of goods since their accessibility is very broad. And this is where circular e-commerce comes into play. The overconsumption of products available online brings new ways of doing things in the field of e-commerce, as well as new questions. For example, electronic commerce makes it possible to produce a range of responsible products and services accessible to consumers and even to establish their reputation in the market. A good example is the BizBiz Share circular project made possible through e-commerce.

The BizBiz Share phenomenon

BizBiz Share is a company that  promotes the B2B circular economy. It’S like a “dating site” for companies. Companies are connected to each other and thus share resources. In addition to limiting the consumption of resources, this strategy also helps generate new sources of income. In other words, the CEO defines BizBiz Share as: “A digital platform to optimize underutilized assets, whatever they are. And by underutilized assets, the start-up means heavy equipment, light materials, tools, vehicles, commercial premises, but also technical, specialized and administrative services.” For example, the Clean the World organization derived great benefit from the BizBiz Share app. Initially based in Pointe-Claire, the organization had been storing its recycled products some 45 kms away in Boucherville. With the help of the B2B platform, Clean the World met another company that had premises just around the corner in Pointe-Claire. This enabled the company to significantly reduce shipping as well as save time, and in addition, the neighbouring company benefitted from a new stream of income. Everyone wins and everything is used to its full potential! And this all wouldn’t have been possible without e-commerce.

BizBiz Stock is also an original BizBiz Share initiative to buy surplus inventory from another company and even give it a second life. This way, the selling company can get a little more money back for its excess materials, rather than ending up in the landfill.

Also, BizBiz Share recently announced its new BizBiz construction platform. The concept is the same, but applies to the construction industry. In this way, construction companies can acquire unsold inventories. With building materials out-of-stock due to the pandemic, this is a valuable service! Machines, tools, materials or any item that is not used all the time are accessible on the platform!

In short, this is THE platform to “meet” your ideal business partner and establish a long-lasting relationship. It’s even more efficient than Tinder, and gives the expression “swipe right” a brand-new meaning.



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