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The importance of people at Axial

People Prosperity

“It’s not true that as a business, we can create your happiness.”

– Daniel Giroux, President of Axial

As president, Daniel cares about his employees’ happiness. He realizes that a business alone cannot make someone happy. On the other hand, his goal is to give his colleagues the tools to achieve this state of mind!

To be prosperous in business, people need to be happy at what they are doing, and they need to be stimulated! This is why Axial doesn’t shy away from investing in people.

“At the end of the day, the money comes back to us because our people are doing well so the business does better

– Words from the accountant who loves to receive the Friday Lunch & Learn bills

This is what working at Axial is all about! Lunches are paid for every Friday by attending Lunch & Learns. For Daniel, the workplace environment has always been very important. And by workplace environment, it means the working atmosphere as well as the facilities provided to employees. It was inconceivable to him that his peers would be “locked up” in a windowless office. As an enthusiastic person himself, he needed a work environment to match his personality! This is why Axial’s office is very well-appointed. There’s an exercise room with 2 treadmills and weight training equipment, a kitchen, a games room, beer or wine (your preference) served on Fridays and the office is located near a park!

What could be better? Oh wait…fun activities organized by the social committee. The concept is simple, just $3 is taken from the employee’s paycheque and the company then matches that amount (sometimes a little more!) to help fund some really cool activities. Who said money can’t buy happiness? In this case, the money helps make life’s little pleasures a reality for the employees.

Also, the Happiness Squad is there to represent the Axial team. This squad is always on the lookout for small snags that may arise internally. As an entrepreneur, Daniel is like the Master of stress. He is able to understand it and speak with his employees who are experiencing it. He takes care of his people! And, the Happiness Squad also lets him know what’s not working.

Daniel always keeps in mind the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. He encourages his employees to follow their dreams and do well in their projects. For example, more than once he has allowed employees to go on long trips. When he was hired, he knew the employee’s travel plans and that didn’t weigh in the balance! The people side of sustainable development represents employees, but also customers and the community! The Axial team believes that if employees are happy at work, they’ll do their jobs well, and a job well done means satisfied customers! At the community level, Axial tries to take action for everyone’s benefit. That is, not to do business just for the sake of doing business! Axial wants to make a positive impact in the community while innovating its practices. The Laixa blog is just one step forward. Daniel strongly believes that e-commerce can do its part by establishing more responsible initiatives!

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