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Lunch & Learns at work


What are Lunch & Learns?

Lunch & Learns are a way of bringing the work team together. Essentially, this is a lunchtime activity to share knowledge, trends and tips with colleagues. The topics can be so diverse from one another. The purpose is simply to learn something new while having fun with your team! That’s the reason they’re called a Lunch & Learn! For example, after an employee has completed training at Axial, they are asked to create a Lunch & Learn session about their learning. Training its employees is an important task for the company and should be treated like work, which is why it’s important to schedule time in advance for the employee so they can create their presentation during working hours. The outcome of the lunch and learn AND the employee motivation will greatly benefit. It’s simply done with a view of sharing the concepts learned during training for the benefit of other employees. In short, it doesn’t have to be complicated, PowerPoint is always optional, and the goal is not to do something cute, but to do something understandable.

How to implement L&Ls into your business

Making the decision to plan Lunch & Learns in your business is easy, but the hardest part is getting employee engagement and motivation! As an entrepreneur, boss, human resources manager and team member, you’re in the best position to understand what motivates your team. Is it time for a paid lunch? A free lunch? An entry into a prize draw for everyone who attended a L&L this month? Be creative and ask your team what they want! At Axial, if there’s one thing we love, it’s getting together for a good meal or for a relaxed activity. Buying lunch and fostering a spirit of camaraderie is our motivation for L&Ls (besides learning, of course)! Also, to align with the company’s eco-responsible and compassionate values, Axial follows these guidelines when organizing its Lunch & Learns:

  • Encourage local restaurants/caterers
  • Choose suppliers who opt for recyclable or compostable packaging
  • Buy vegetarian dishes for employees who adhere to this type of diet
  • Schedule the L&Ls on Fridays to end the week in style!

On the other hand, it’s important to emphasize that Lunch & Learns are never mandatory! If it tempts you to attend, you attend, if it tempts you to host it, you host it! It’s up to you! This whole meeting concept leads to some very interesting discussions and even participation from the entire team every Friday. When you have an idea for a Lunch & Learn theme, you enter it into the calendar shared with everyone. And since everyone participates, it makes it possible to popularize concepts from each department. For example, programmers sometimes use a vocabulary that you don’t fully understand. Not because they speak poorly, but because they speak like programmers; like geeks! In these cases, a Lunch & Learn will therefore generate a better understanding of each sector of activity and its reality. For our part, the company has developed an offshoot called Axial Camp. This involves Lunch & Learns about several topics. It takes the form of a roundtable, which is currently more like a round “Teams” table  , during which each person shares what they found interesting in their week. Often, it’s a chance for you to get updated on the latest news and hear varying points of view from those present. Also, you can better understand your colleagues’ fields of interest. Lastly, the key to a successful and relevant Lunch & Learn – it must be personalized!

To conclude, here are the most recent Lunch & Learn topics hosted by the Axial team:

  • A presentation of Axial’s new website
  • Google Analytics: an overview and answers to questions
  • The PICA Protocol
  • International SEO
  • What is the RS&DE?
  • There’s only one Earth!
  • How to host an effective and stimulating meeting
  • Advice from the strategy team
  • Teleworking: Advantages, disadvantages and best practices
  • The empowered company
  • How to deal with an unhappy customer
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