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La Vie en Rose’s attention to detail

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La Vie en Rose is a large retail chain specializing in lingerie, swimwear and loungewear for women. The company’s mission has always been to make comfortable lingerie accessible. More specifically, La Vie en Rose believes that:

Shopping for a bra or a swimsuit should be fun and effortless.

A discussion with Operational Performance Analyst Sarah Baker helpe us get a better understanding of La Vie en Rose’s true involvement in sustainable development. And Jean François Thériault, Vice-President of Logistics and Distribution, gave us the opportunity to visit La Vie en Rose’s parent company in Montreal.

La Vie en Rose’s attention to detail

La Vie en Rose focusses on several things that touch upon the customer experience and its environmental and social impact. For example, in order to prevent consumers’ uncertainties about ordering underwear online, La Vie en Rose has implemented an accurate sizing guide (there’s even a video tutorial available), a reliable return and exchange policy and has added sizes to its offering. What is the overall impact of these incentives?

  • Reduced consumer perception of risk when purchasing products online
  • Reduced package return rate
  • Reduced GHG emissions related to transport, and the environmental impact is lower!

Yep, every little detail counts, even the packaging! For online orders, la Vie en Rose uses recyclable bags. The lingerie company wanted packaging that was both durable and had a low environmental impact. The company has also found a way to reuse its shipping boxes: the cardboard boxes are used to sort orders to the parent company and to separate the different collections. Through this internal initiative, 36 tonnes of cardboard are recycled each year! 

Don’t take anything for granted!

Through its actions, La Vie en Rose is very aware that its business sector is one of the most harmful to the environment and is thus trying to improve the situation. Baker says that every little bit counts and that the company wants to take action in different spheres to ensure sustainability. Here are some other La Vie en Rose initiatives:

  • Have a responsible collection called the Sustainability in Mind Collection.
  • Having designers who work to find textiles made from recycled fibers and organic cotton.
  • Giving a second life to single-use packaging in all commercial activities.
  • Using recycled and recyclable paper with soluble ink for in-store purchases.
  • Plastic bags manufactured in Canada.
  • Use recycled plastic hangers and reuse them to their full potential: once used, they are returned to the parent company to supply the new collection. This incentive has given a second life to 7.8 million hangers since 2014.

La Vie en Rose’s social impact

On the social side, La Vie en Rose is just as engaged. The lingerie company is implementing innovations to try to reach as many women as possible, with the goal being that as many women as possible can identify with the brand. For example, since 2019, bras have ranged in sizes from 32A to 42E. This expanded offering helps include the majority of women. Also, this openness to body diversity is more and more evidenced on their website as well as in in-store advertisements. At La Vie en Rose, it’s not only about body diversity, as cultural diversity is also showcased!

Women comprise the majority of La Vie en Rose’s customers. For the company, they are much more than just “customers”! In fact, the lingerie company combines its business activities with women’s causes. Here’s a great example to illustrate this: In 2002, François Roberge, the president of La Vie en Rose, set up the Roses of Hope Foundation. Since its inception, more than $2.5 million has been donated to the fight against breast cancer, and the foundation works with many partners to make breast health resources more accessible.

La Vie en Rose has really thought of everything…

Even more progressive than that, there are even Muse mastectomy bras to meet the needs of women who have had a single or double mastectomy or who have very sensitive breasts following breast cancer treatments.

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